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About us

Our company was started by our founder, with a very small investment and few people. We have today grown because of our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work which ensured that we were able to fully satisfy our customers with our high quality service. We have a qualified team to handle each and every situation to make our service stand out in the market place.
Inspite of competition, we have a large customer base using our service. The reason being, we donīt compromise on our quality, pricing and timely delivery. The quality we provide our customer and our pricing is unbeatable. Also we ensure that we always delivers on time.
As an organization we continue to work hard so that we can grow much bigger so that we can serve more & more customers and also to become a very respectable company in the society.

Service offered 
-Major and Minor Dent Repairs
-Major and Minor Accident Damage Repairs
-Mechanical Repairs
-Plastic Bumper Repairs
-Hail Damage Repairs
-Rediator Repairs
-Insurance Repairs
-Upholstery / trimming
-Complete Body Resprays
-Scratches Removals
-Full Body Polish
- Chassis Straightening
-Windscreen Remove and Refitment
-Airbag Replacements and Repairs
-Aircon Regassing
-Colection and Drop off Service

-Towing Services
-Drive Out Quotations

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